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your home of whisky samples

Want to try more whiskies but don't know where to start? I'll help you sample your way through a world of different whiskies with detailed tasting notes delivered right to your door once a month!

I value what makes whisky interesting, and one of those things is just how different each whisky can be. So raise your glass to the barley, the water, the yeast, and the cask. 



Not sure what to choose?


subscribe to try them all

Want to try lots of different whisky with tasting notes?

Grab a subscription and let me do all the work picking out great whisky to try, just sit back relax and I’ve got you covered.


have something in mind?

Grab a curated Scotchbox from the store to make choosing easy, they’re a great gift and something a bit different to try a wider range of whisky.

I have hand picked and pack these boxes. They all come with tasting notes to get the most out of each dram.


Build your own box

Pick out four samples and I’ll make up a box that you have picked yourself!

Add some tasting glasses and you are off to a fully customised Scotchbox that no one else has created.