How to get the most out of your Whisky - Temperature

I’m going to preface this, you should drink your whisky how you like to drink it, with water, with ice, with cola or with any other liquid at which ever temperature you like and in any particular setting, solong you are enjoying it that’s what matters most.

I get asked a bit how should you drink whisky, or how do I drink whisky to get the most out of it, this seems like a good blog post oppertunity so I’ll do a wee series on them;

The idea is that, making something cold mutes the flavor profile making it hard to get nuanced flavour from the whisky, this includes adding ice, whisky stones or other new and fancy ways to make your drink a little cooler. the volatility(flavour) of the spirit does better at a warmer temperature, I’m not advocating cooking your whisky by the way.

With Whisky, since two thirds of the flavour is driven out of smell having it at a higher temperature really improves the overall experience of the dram. Just raising the temperature up to the ambient room temp or a little lower than body temperature. it’s what we do with Brandy in those swish brandy balloons, and you can do the same with a Glencairn or whisky tasting glass.

You can try this yourself with more than just whisky, try with some foods or other drink. I put chocolate in the fridge and tried that side by side with one that was at room temperature and the difference was striking, the room temperature chocolate had a more silky rounded body and the cacao flavour was way more nuanced.

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