Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to enable cookies on my browser to shop with Scotchbox? 
Yes, you need to enable cookies to enjoy all the shopping features at Scotchbox like adding products to your shopping cart and accessing your account information.

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a website and is stored on your computer. If your browser's preferences allow cookies (most browsers do), each website can send its own cookie to your browser. To protect your privacy, cookies do not store personal information but instead use anonymous unique identifiers. Each web site can only access the cookie they have sent to your hard drive, not the cookies sent by other web sites.

If you share your computer with others and you do not want them to have access to your account information, be sure to log out before leaving your computer unattended.


2. Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?
Yes, you can only shop with us using a credit card payment. Scotchbox uses secure online payment technology and all data transfer is protected by SSL encryption technology. Our Scotchbox Safe Shopping Guarantee covers every credit card purchase you make at our site.


3. When placing an order I get an error message stating that there was a payment authorization failure?
Normally this is a credit card error so please double check the credit card number and expiration date on your card.

Also, please be aware that we currently accept Visa, Mastercard only for credit card payments.

4. My Credit Card has been declined, what can I do?
There may be insufficient funds on your credit card so try another card and please make sure you use a Visa & Mastercard only

Alternatively, please check your credit card security pin number is correct.


5. I cannot confirm my order - why not?
It could be the product you selected has "sold out" while we were processing your order.


6. Can I order items with a Cashier's Cheque or Money Order?
No, at this time we do not accept Cashier's Cheques or Money Orders.


7. Do you ship to addresses outside New Zealand?
No, not at this stage, but please drop us a line if you think we should.


8. Do you include blends as well as malts?
Yes, though the focus will be on single malt


9. Do you source exclusively from Scotland or are some of the less traditional countries (eg Japan, New Zealand) considered as well?
No, we cannot sample out whisky from Scotland until we find a bottler there, the SWA (Scotch Whisky Association) prohibits re bottling whisky outside of Scotland. As a result all of our Whiskies are world Whiskies for the time being. I am working on finding a bottler but that hasn't happened yet, keep in touch and you will be among the first to know as soon as we can do it!


10. Can I specify preferences, eg Peated or Non Peated?
No, region specific won’t be possible, we will do one off special boxes though.


11. Do you do Irish Whisky?
It will be part of the Scotchbox offering along with any other regions


12. Do you have a separate service for Bourbon?
Some Bourbon will be in the Scotchbox, but like blends the focus will be on single malts


13. Have you thought of a similar service for other spirits, cognac, brandy, rum, gin, vodka? 
Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila/Mezcal and a Premium Scotchbox will be available over time as demand grows, Congac and Brandy as well if they are popular.